Technology Append

Tech companies have CRM loaded with the list of prospect companies that lacks the information on technology stack of those companies. Their sales reps often ask these prospects about what technologies are installed in the organization. We empower the tech companies with the intelligence on the technology stack of the companies. Not only the technology usage but also the current and updated contact information of the decision makers. This increases the value and marketing/sales effectiveness of these companies. Just send us the list of websites or the company names sitting in your dead prospect data and we will make it alive and actionable by adding the Tech Stack (of the relevant technology categories) that make sense to your pitching and positioning.

Here are the action steps to get this done


Step 1

Send us the list of companies in your prospect data.


Step 2

Let us know what technology category makes sense to you.


Step 3

Our team will add the technology usage with the vendors and product level detail these companies are using.


Step 4

We will also add the decision makers (contacts) from these companies.


Step 5

You now have a highly actionable and targeted list of companies with value intel on their tech stack.