ERP Non User Case Study.


The customer is one of the notable and well-known Accounting ERP provider worldwide. For their small business Accounting software, they were looking for small companies, startups who were using excel spreadsheets or any other free tools for their accounting. The Customer’s Accounting Solution is one of the most affordable and best-known Accounting Suite for small business. So rather than going after competitor clients they wanted to identify companies who currently aren’t using accounting software but are definitely in need of one.


After identification of the criteria team DCM delivered a comprehensive list of small companies with the count of over 250,000 companies from US, UK and LATAM which have been founded in the last 3 years but were tracked to not be using a paying ERP or Accounting Suite.

Results and ROI

Within the period of 5 months of outreach and retargeting the Customer was able to onboard a whopping 512 customers from the database provided by DCM.

Key solutions

  • Identification of the startup or small business
  • Finding out which businesses from this list were not tracked with usage for any specific ERP or Accounting Solution.

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