Data Collection Methodology

So, what does it take to deliver highly accurate and actionable information?

Our Research Analysts, Data Specialists, Verification Team, Quality Team and Data Sourcing Teams work in tandem for each of the below steps of Compilation, Verification and Refresh Methodology for Technographics.

Here are the action steps to get this done


Collection of Primary Data

Search Analyze and Collect millions of public documents for technology specific, technographic, firmographic, demographic Primary Data. Technology usage information is collected from tech Association memberships, user group communities, millions of tech-specific job boards/portals, technology magazine subscriptions, user group communities, tech blogs, entitlements, tech specializations, case studies, testimonials, featured customers, white papers etc.


Data Sorting and Segmentation

The Data is then supplemented with appending by our teams and sorting it out it categories and specific fields.


Data Standardization

Data is Standardized, structured, and categorized by our proprietary AI based, Rule based algorithms into the actionable formats.


Data Validation

Each data points are validated, vetted, and verified by the team. All incorrect data is removed for a cleaner Masterfile.


Data Loading into relevant Data types

The relevant data types are identified to load the relevant fields in each data type where it makes sense.


Data compliance

Each of the data points are checked by our privacy team to make sure all information points are compliant as per the applicable laws.


Periodic Data Refresh

In a frequency from 45-90 days all data points are verified and incorrect and stale data is removed. Also, prior to delivery, each project file goes through a mandatory pre-delivery verification process.


Data enhancement

As a part of data maintenance and continuous cycle of data compilation, more companies and contacts are added to the Master Data by the Data Enhancement team.