About Us

DemandCurveMarketing (DCM) is a team of handpicked technology marketers who breathe technology. We are built to help Technology and B2B companies grow. We enable IT companies with a personalized and targeted approach of identifying their target audience, suggestions and recommendations on their TAM, and then massive action to filter the perfect targeted data for their marketing programs. We help IT companies with Technographics, Channel Targeting, Industry specific data, Data Enrichment and cleansing solutions as a one stop for all the data needs. Whether it is Software, Hardware, Cloud, Networking or web-based technology we have the user intelligence for almost all the noteworthy technologies ranging from Legacy Systems to Emerging Technologies with almost 30,000+ vendors to pick from.

Our Mission is Simple

To provide IT and B2B companies ability to know and reach their ideal customers and partners, empower them to identify, compete and win customers from their TAM.

We are not a CDP (contact data platform). We never want to be selling the shelved stale data to thousands of customers. We believe in working with each client on customized project basis. Thousands of our customers already have a CDP subscription. They still need us every month, every quarter as they understand that we don’t play in that game and our solution is a whole new ball game.

No, DCM does not believe in the philosophy of selling the same data to thousands of customers. You will be assigned a Marketing consultant cum account manager right from the start who will discuss in detail your target audience with you. Provide suggestions, recommendations, examples on your TAM. After that our team starts verifying the data that matches your criteria, adds any additional attributes customized for you that make sense to you rather than generic data for all.

As crazy as it sounds, we provide a 100% accuracy on the tech usage, relevance of the data exactly as per the criteria, over 98% on the email deliverability and 100% on all other data attributes. There is not a single CDP that can offer such accuracy metrics. Thanks to our business model and pre-delivery mandatory verification checks. Data goes bad by the speed of 2.5% every month or 7.5% every quarter or about 30% every year. With the current stir in all markets the percentages are much higher. Most CDP platforms refresh their data once in 6 months at earliest. So at their best you are sitting with ~15% invalid data. Completely different with DCM. We ensure your project is re-verified just 3 days prior to the delivery. You do the math.

Yes, absolutely. You can add as many filters as you want to make sure your targets fit within your sweet spot. Additionally, you can also request custom data points that make sense for your business. We have been able to deliver custom data fields 9 out of 10 times.

We are GDPR, CCPA, CASL compliant. Additionally, we are also compliant with almost all the applicable regional data regulations globally. We cover North America, LATAM, EMEA, APAC, basically the whole world.

Over 30,000 technologies in over 25M+ companies. Now that is huge!

We will identify your partner profile based on your technology type, specializations, business model, regions, industries you serve, SMB vs enterprise customers and many other filters to give you suggestions and recommendations of the right partner profile.

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