Email Campaign as a Service

If done right, email marketing has the potential to inflate your revenue exponentially. It allows you to maximize the reach of valuable content. Whether you are looking to run a lead generation program, call for attendees for your webinar or do a market awareness campaign, your content, timing, ISP, subject, CTA plays a vital role in ensuring the overall campaign effectiveness and greater ROI.

If you do not have the time and resources to run your own campaign on the targeted audience you acquire from us, you can just rent the Database and we will help you send your content with proprietary email campaign platform.

This ensures:

  • Higher Deliverability
  • Higher Open Rates
  • Greater Click throughs
  • More subscribers and responses
  • Overall a great Marketing ROI

We will send you the complete summary of your campaign. All the metrics will be shared on real-time basis. Our best in class email marketing experts will suggest the best subject lines, template modifications, alignment of images, fonts and color schema. To ensure a higher ROI our team will run the whole list through over proprietary email verification tool before taking the campaign live.

All we need from you:

  • Identify your target criteria
  • Work with our Account Manager for your total count
  • Date and time of campaign
  • Subject line preferences
  • Any preferred content/template
  • CTA/Landing Page