Endpoint Software Campaign Case Study


The customer is one of the top Endpoint security and threat security software provider across the globe. Rather than acquiring the data the customer opted for DCM to handle their outbound marketing programs, primarily email marketing.


DCM first segmented and put together a database of over 500K companies that were in need of Endpoint and Threat Security software for their businesses. Then DCM worked closely with the customer for the appropriate messaging to each group and finalizing the templates and landing pages. Then what was left was the execution and voila! – the influx of leads to the customer

Results and ROI

DCM has been working with this customer since 2019. Every quarter the outbound marketing programs are rolled out and so far the Customer has achieved more than 700 new leads globally. The best is indeed yet to come.

Key solutions

  • Specific Verticals for endpoint and threat security software
  • Email Marketing conducted by DCM to the target market

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