Payment Gateway TAM Discovery Case Study


The Customer had the objective of expanding globally with more international customers for their Payment Gateway Solutions. With the major emphasis on US and Australian markets, the customer wanted to onboard as many companies as possible and increase their reach and awareness in these markets within the potential prospects.


DemandCurveMarketing helped the Payment Gateway Providers with a comprehensive report and intelligence on the 3 sets of companies from US and Australia:

  1. SaaS Providers who would need their customers to subscribe online.
  2. Retail and online merchants for obvious reasons.
  3. Consumer services companies who needed their customers to pay on their website.

DCM, with this comprehensive report of more than 100K companies from above target groups, helped the customer with the payment decision makers from these companies. Since the customer solution was comparatively less expensive with zero onboarding cost and lesser transactional charges, the customer has been flooded with the responses from their outbound marketing campaign within the first month, from the data it acquired from DCM.

Results and ROI

Customer was able to onboard 20 new customers within the first month which jumped to almost 125 in the quarter and many more in the pipeline. 65% of these customers have turned into the subscription/paying clients for the Payment Gateway Solution Provider.

Key solutions

  • Understanding the potential customer personas and right verticals.
  • A comprehensive report, database and contact as well as company level information of the potential prospects from SaaS, Consumer Services and online retail verticals.

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