Security MSP Case Study


An endpoint security software company, based headquartered out of US, rolled out an MSP partner program. The main objective of the program was to recruit as many MSPs as possible to sell their Endpoint Software to their (MSP) endpoints. It was crucial to know if the MSP companies are either a CSP, Managed IT Service Provider or an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider).


With the best in the class MSP Marketing Solution, DemandCurveMarketing has mapped almost 50,000+ MSPs globally. Not only with the information on whether these companies are MSPs, but also further categorizing them down by ITSPs, CSPs, Software Resellers, MSSPs, TSPs, UCSPs, SI, OEMs, ISVs and a dozen other categories. The Customer, however, was provided with a comprehensive and up-to-date list of all CSPs, Managed IT Service Providers, MSSPs who would be the right target to sell their endpoint solution. Furthermore, the team also added the information on what industries these MSPs sell to, what technology expertise they already have. This added a lot of value to their channel marketing efforts.

Results and ROI

With the right MSP targeting database the Customer was able to reach out to the exact prospects for their partnership efforts. The information on the size of these MSPs added as an icing to the cake for their MSP Program. The Customer was successfully able to onboard 54 new MSPs to their channel mix.

Key solutions

  • MSP and Channel Targeting
  • Aligning MSPs with industries they sell to
  • Adding the Technologies they currently sell.

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