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Intelligent and insightful technology usage data for any technology for better positioning

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Information into Action


Get your campaigns highly targeted with right tech-intelligence and top notch quality data


Focus on target high-value prospects and know the tech stack of your prospects


Strategize based on market knowledge, share, size and understanding


Get in touch with right channel partners as per their technology expertise


Few words from our customers


We contacted DemandCurve for cleansing and enhancing our in-house prospect database. We were pleased with the quality and detail of information that was appended on to our file.

Mark Sutton

DemandCurveMarketing is highly skilled in technology intelligence and we utilise their tech db for our targeted tech campaigns. Very satisfied with the results so far.

Derek Chan

We were able to get 10 net new opportunities from our file procured from DCM. We will continue using DCM for their stellar data quality and good after sale service.

Gerard Thompson

It's great to have DemandCurveMarketing as a supplier of data for specific international business target groups. I experienced always a professional approach, quick responses and good quality.

Linda Hilberdink

Demand Curve Marketing has helped supply a majority of our Outbound Marketing efforts over the course of 2021. Demand Curve seems to have the highest volume and quality of records. I like the sheer volume of records they have for what seems like every segment within our target market that we want to explore. I also really appreciate their willingness to meet our needs! Their sales reps are great about not resting until we get the exact data that my organization is looking for!

Matt S

DCM helps us in Audience list building outside of DSPs. We like the Responsive sales team for quotes/estimates on lists. Technology/software data points on companies we are trying to target.

Dustin O

I would like to thank DCM for helping us in marketing strategy which we needed to improve by email marketing to targeting technology userbase, which not so many companies know how to do the way DCM does it. We look forward to the next project with DCM.

Eva Pitrunova

I am Senior Director of Demand Generation. We recently started working with DemandCurve on a targeted project. Throughout the process we were really impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism throughout the entire project. We had a couple pivots along the way and without missing the beat they were able to deliver on our aggressive timeline and provide a very strong service throughout the entire sales process as well as through actual list delivery on the backend. Our project was successful and on time.

Jenny Rhine

Working with DCM has been a nice experience. The team has been amazing in everything we needed for technology userbase. Everything we needed from the LATAM region was delivered with precision and accurate information.

Douglas Nelson

My name is Dan Smith. I run sales and marketing for our company. We were looking to better target digital advertising, so we reached out to DemandCurveMarketing to see if they could generate a list of users of Legacy software platform for which we provide mobile apps. DCM was able to provide us a list of over 34,000 users of that platform. When we uploaded that list to LinkedIn to find the corresponding LinkedIn profiles, we had a match rate in excess of 90% for both the companies and the individual users. We were thrilled with the match rates. Since we started our targeted LinkedIn campaigns last June, we have got click through rates nearly 5 times than what is typical for display ads on LinkedIn. More importantly we generated over 70 qualified leads for our sales team, many of which have directly lead to successful sales. If you are looking for a top line data vendor – DCM is it.

Dan Smith


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