Data Appending and Data Discovery

MHAs, also called as Must Have Accounts, are the target list of accounts every IT company formulates and assigns to their sales and marketing teams, to penetrate and target for their products and services. Many times, this list of MHAs is obsolete. So, what makes it obsolete?

  • Companies in the Account List which have been acquired
  • Companies that have gone out of business
  • Companies who recently had a name change or a merger
  • Accounts list with missing contact information
  • Contact information is not refreshed and is old
  • Incorrect emails, phone numbers
  • No information about the tech stack of these companies
  • Missing job titles, revenue estimates and address details
  • Not segmented by industry, verticals

It makes this Target Accounts list impossible for a Sales or a Marketing Executive to penetrate. We can make this actionable with the current and refreshed information on:

  • Adding Missing information about companies
  • Adding and appending missing or incorrect contact details
  • Technology Append (Clickable to Technology Append Page) for the MHAs
  • Appending the new people within the target personas from these companies
  • Appending the current Revenue, Employee size and industry verticals